Friday, October 10, 2008

How do I go down?

I remembered one day at Langkawi,me and my husband was waiting in front of the elevator to go down to ground floor to have our breakfast. I spontaneously pressed the 'Up' button.

Curiously, my husband asked, "Wan, aren't we going down?"
I replied, "Yes, exactly."
He asked again, "Then why are you pressing the 'Up' button?"
I abruptly answered, "Yes, to make it come up first then only we press 'down' to go to ground floor".

Hearing my answer made him laugh his head off. I got puzzled at first before realizing what I had said was enough to make a cat laugh.(^_^)

Boy oh boy what was I thinking..hahahaha


nazrahku said...

hahaha..kna study blk coding elevator nih..huhu..

wanz said...

huhu...this is what u say "test the test first" :)