Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Ambition...

For such a long time, I've been asking myself..what is it that i really want to be? Throughout the experiences I face in my life falling down the ladder and trying to cilmb back somehow did change my ambition. Even though I'm graduating from computer science but deep inside me, I hear a slow voice wispering to my heart saying to me that what I truly want to be is a lecturer.

Why is it so? Well to be frank, my only dream is to see everyone succeed. I really want to approach those students who seem to have no more spirit in themselves. I want to give them motivation, push them back on the right path, guide them and blow the spirit into their hearts so that one day they would know how it feels like to succeed. Only then, they would have the courage and build up their level of confident again. As a result, they will never look down on themselves again forever.

Why am I saying this? Well that was what I've been facing throughout my years of studies. It took me quite a few years to achieve success. I didn't excell during my studies in school but only excell when I entered university. Even so, I had a bumpy ride to hold on to that 'success' which sometimes did slipped out of my hand.

" To all students, do your very best. Don't dwell on the past.
Its enough to do your best on what you're doing now :) " -Wan-

Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm so tired this semester

This semester I'm only taking 2 subjects, in actual only one because the other one I'm just taking it without any credit hour. Everyday i head to class at 8am and return to my room at 11am. My other class is at 8pm so I have the whole day to rest. Even so, I feel very exhuasted everyday. If i was to blame on the subjects that I'm taking, while comparing to last semester with 5 subjects and struggling to finish off my FYP, I could say that this semester is very relaxing for me. But why is it that my body feels very tired everyday?? I asked my friend, Yus and she answered that this may be due the works that i've been doing during the weekends with non-stop. When it comes to thinking of that, it somehow does solves the math. No wonder I feel so tired during the weekdays since on saturday and sunday I torture myself to do all the works starting early in the morning till midnight with no break at all. However, that's my duty at home, which I somehow enjoy :)
Sometimes I ask myself when the time comes for me to have my own family, would I be able to do all the houseworks everyday as well as entertaining my husband and children?? Wallahu'alam. Whatever happens I pray to Allah may He lend me the strength, capabilities and a good health so that I can continuously serve my family the very best I possibly could. I pray may Allah help me to be a good wife to my husband and also a good mother to my children, amin.

"My only dream is to be the best wife to my husband and the best mother to my children" - Wan-

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thank you so much Mum

The clock on my the computer showing 15 minutes to 1am. I don't know why tonight i kind of feel hard to eyes are wide open even though my body is up to the limit due to the works i 've been doing the whole day with non stop...but I enjoy my life like this..every weekend i go back home just to clean up my maintain all the cleanliness in this actual..just to please my beloved mum :) everyday I cry when i think of my mum..even though she's not that well..but she keeps on pushing herself to do all the house works..since she's a "perfectionist" type of person, she can't bare to see her house in a mess even a little mess. However, sadly to say not even one of her children are like her type..all of us are the 'simple' type of people..not so 'rajin' like our mum. Sometimes i feel like want to go back everyday just to do all the housekeeping that my mum can have a only wish is to see my mum have a good rest and be healthy again. Mum..i'll always try my best to do all that I can to please u.if ever I did not please you.. i ask for your apology.. forgive me mum if i did not meet your expectations as a daughter..

"Thank you Mum for being such a good mother to us" - Wan-