Thursday, May 5, 2011

Allah's Help

I’m sure everyone of us have faced the situation where we’re about to sit for an exam but deep inside we hope that someone whose much better and more intelligent than us could replace our seat and take the exam for us because we believe that they surely will excel in that exam.

I also faced that situation before when I was to take up this very important exam which I truly felt not ready and not confident enough that I would pass. While waiting outside the hall, many things came to my mind. One side of me kept saying “if only there is someone who could take this exam for me and pass”.. .while the other side convinced to me that “surely with Allah’s will I can do well in this exam and pass like many others.”
I looked at my watch. It was time to enter the hall. I knew that no one can help me except for Allah. I prayed for His help may He guide me through this exam with all the effort I’ve done I only hope for Him to give me success and Alhamdulillah I succeeded.

After knowing the result, I came to realize that I personally always tend to look at human as superior but always forgot that I have the almighty Allah to ask for help for He is the one who gives intelligence and success to humankind. If we truly put our hope to Allah and ask for His help, He surely will help and answer our prayers no matter what. Always have faith in Allah and never lose hope..for Only He who will always be there for us…