Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Learn to speak in British accent!!

Today while everyone was enjoying their Taipusam holiday, me and my colleagues had to join a communication training which was to help all staffs to polish their English accent. The training was scheduled at 9.30am but eventually started at 10.15am due to awaiting of late comers. We were taught the rules of pronunciation in English which were the sounds in English that produces the music of English language. As for me, it wasn't something new because I've already been immersed with the British accent during my childhood. It was fun to see everyone trying their best to speak in British accent. I myself enjoyed the session because it somehow did polish back my British accent. Only one thing came to my mind. I was worried that I would be pronouncing Malay words in British accent again.. :P I still remember when I first came back to Malaysia, every Malay word that I learned, I will pronounce it using British accent. You can't imagine how funny the word sound :) I remembered during those days, all my friends would make a joke of my pronunciation which somehow made me feel embarrassed to speak in Malay. However, it took me two years to properly speak in Malay by not mingling the words with British accent.... Hopefully my children won't inherit my way of speaking Malay :)

Satyam's Annual Sports

(credits for hasbullah for the photos)

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I admit that everyday time just don't leave any room for me to sit in front of the PC and update my blog. Many events happened throughout these few days. I was involved in Satyam's annual sports which ended with marathon in the heavy rain. I myself couldn't believe that I played futsal for my team. Though some were quite shock to see me playing this 'boy' game, I had to admit that since my childhood back in England, I've been playing football with all the boys at school. I only stopped playing when I returned back to Malaysia since no girls played football. However, the eagerness of playing the game keeps on burning inside me and this proved when I joined futsal. Some may say that I'm quite brutal which I do not deny but to some extent, I maintain my ladiness inside me :) Though the whole week was tiring, it was one of the enjoyable moment for me before I restrain myself from joining sports after getting married :) .