Monday, June 30, 2008

To Take Care of is..To Teach...

Ever since my parents moved to Qatar and Jeddah, I held the responsibility to take care of my siblings. To my assumption, it was not that tough since I was used to do all the housework and prepare all their daily necessary stuffs. As time passed by, with the piling stack of work at the office, I started to become exhausted by the end of the day. Sometimes I couldn’t get hold of my breath to chase the the end of the day I would only notice that it was already 12.00 midnight where most people would already be dreaming, whereas for me still busy with the chores. Even though some would be amused by my responsibility, I would always think whether I’ve actually fulfill the responsibility given to me or not. Have I actually taught my younger brothers and sisters the value of life? Or have I only been taking care of their daily needs? I came to realize that to take care of our siblings is not as easy as fulfilling their daily needs. But instead to take care of someone is actually being able to implant the good behavior in one’s self. I realized that a guardian is not only one who protects u, feed u but in real it is one who is able to bring u up to become a good person, able to cultivate good morality and most importantly able to teach one to be more close to Allah. Oh Allah, I have not fulfilled the responsibility being given to me. Oh Allah, I am weak, sometimes I forget of these vital things which I should have done. Oh Allah I ask for your help and guidance in teaching my younger ones to be much closer to you..Forgive me oh Allah..

"Ya Allah didiklah jiwa kami menjadi insan yang soleh disisiMu.." -Wan-

Forgive me...

Have u ever asked yourself…why do some people find it so hard to forgive others? From my humble opinion, I don’t see any reason why one could not forgive another? As for me the way I look into this sort of situation is that we don’t even have the right to not forgive others but only God has that right. Since we are all God’s creation who tend to make mistakes either accidentally or on purpose, we are all human being..we all make mistakes…and we simply do sin to Allah. If we always hope for God’s forgiveness, why don’t we do the same..forgive others with an open heart. I’m sure some may not agree with me, but this is what I apply in my life. My principle of life is..always try to be like our prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Even though he was hurt or beaten up by his enemies..he never did hold any grudge. Instead he would always pay back in the good way. Why is it so hard for us to apply what had been taught by our prophet Muhammad S.A.W? The only answer which strikes me is the openness of our heart which actually has some connection with our iman. Remember friends..Allah forgives those who are forgiving…something to ponder on…

"Forgive me my dear friends for all the mistakes which i've done..i'm truly sorry for everything.." -Wan-

Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a wonderful weekend

It was the beginning of school holidays. My younger brother was so eager to go out and have fun somewhere far away from home. The only place which struck me was Taman Rekreasi Air Panas, Sungkai. After planning with yus, the next day we headed off to Sungkai. It was a bright sunny day, a perfect day to cool yourself in the fresh cold water. At first, I didn't want to wet myself despite of being the photographer, I didn't want to trouble myself changing clothes afterwards. But lastly, Fawwaz managed to persuade me to eventually dip into the water :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

QEdge BBQ - Let the pictures tell the story (^_^)

It was a wonderful BBQ dinner. May it become one of QEdge's sweet memories... (^_^)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Help!! My Gear is Locked..

Last Thursday during lunch time, I drove back to my house as usual to prepare lunch for my young brother and sister. It has been my daily routine since mum went back to Jeddah, leaving me to take care of my younger siblings. That day, yus accompanied me back home. As we arrived at the traffic light junction near Alamanda, the light turned red so we had to stop. As soon as it turned green again, I pushed the gear to move to D but unfortunately it wouldn't change. I tried again and again but the gear was locked. I became panic since there were few cars queuing behind waiting for my move. Yus spontaneously pressed the hazard button to notify other drivers that my car had a problem before anyone started to honk. In my mind, I was thinking of my young brother..what was he going to eat if I got stuck here for hours. Then suddenly Yus noticed something. "Wan, look! You didn't step on the foot break, how could you unlock the gear without doing so?" "Oh yes Yus..boy oh could I've not noticed this..hehe" It was a careless mistake which I never had encounter before. Because of that, I became the subject of joke for that day...pity me...huhu :)

"Sesungguhnya Tadbir Allah mengatasi Tafkir manusia..." - Wan-