Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When the time comes...

I just finished my IT security class. We had to evaluate every team members. Alhamdulillah everything is over for ITsec except to compile the report. Now i'm here in the FYP lab, trying to finish off my work. All of a sudden, i felt so sad. Every hour makes it nearer to the day where everyone will choose their own path and chase their own dreams.. I'm already missing everyone. Four years in UIA really did give me so much memorable memories. Well to all of my friends especially those are struggling to finish off their FYP, let us all do our very best for this last moment. Let us all make ourselves and our lecturers proud of us as the first batch of FYP and also CS students. I really pray that we as the first batch will achieve the best in our FYP. This is the only thing left for us to prove our capabilities.. GOOD LUCK my dear friends.. I pray for all of your success in completing this task. Let's do our best!!

"man jadda wa jad!!" -Wan-

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