Friday, March 9, 2007

Mum i miss u so much

Today well I mean yesterday which passed by just a few hours ago was a tiring day. Early in the morning I rushed back home to see my mum after quite a long time I didn’t had the opportunity to go back home due to my commitment as a student. Since last week every second I missed my mum..i didn’t know why but I felt the strong feeling of my mum calling me( kind of ‘aura’ between a mother and her daughter). So I told myself whatever it takes I’m gonna go back just to see my mum. Upon arriving at home, I gave took some time before my mum opened the door.. “Sape tu..??” “Ni yati ma..” "Oh ingatkn penjual kain mana pulak tadi..” I laughed at her assumption..indeed it was quite a long time since my mum heard my voice which caused her to think a stranger was at the door..Thank you Allah for giving me the time to see my beloved mum..may your blessings be upon my mum forever..

"Ma..redhalah segala pekerjaan anakmu ini..doakanlah kejayaan anakmu ini.." -Wan-

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