Saturday, March 31, 2007

FYP..The Legend...

Since yesterday, Yus and I was struggling to finish off the last bit of FYP documentation which was FYP final report. When it came to appendices part, we were stuck. No idea of what to put. I looked up on the bookshelf and saw the black sugar paper which was used for FYP show case. "yus, apa kata kita letak gambar2 tu dlm abstract?" "haa?? betul ke wan?" 'Betullah yus, apa salahnya.." Then there were we cutting and pasting the pictures. "Wan, dh lama yus tinggalkn gum sejak masuk U ni." "hehe, biasalah yus, sblm kluar U, kt main dgn gum n gunting balik, teringat masa kecik2 dulu kan..". While cutting the pictures, my memory remembered back the 'legend' day (FYP showcase). It was just one week ago, on Thursday, all 14 of us did our very best to present our projects to everyone who came to see. It was a great day, a day where everyone witnessed the first batch of CS presenting their final year projects. It was the day which made everyone proud with what they had achieved in their project. It was also the day which shall become the legend of KICT...Congratulations to all 7 groups of CS FYP

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