Sunday, March 11, 2007

Keeping the passion

Here I am alone in FYP lab struggling to finish all of my assignments. I only have one more week to go to complete my FYP and not to mention other projects which are due this week. How am I going to cope with all these?? The only thing which has been pushing me this far is the passion and determination inside me. Without them, I would have give up long ago. Well, I guess this is what you call student's life. No other thing than study all the time. One day, i'm sure I'll miss the good days being a student. For me, life as a student is the best part of one's life.. so let's enjoy it while we still can : )

"Make Du'a, Do Your Best, and leave the rest To Allah" -Wan-

1 comment:

yushaida said...

keep it up the passion.jgn berundur selagi mampu..teruskan perjuagan...hehe..:)