Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thank you so much Mum

The clock on my the computer showing 15 minutes to 1am. I don't know why tonight i kind of feel hard to eyes are wide open even though my body is up to the limit due to the works i 've been doing the whole day with non stop...but I enjoy my life like this..every weekend i go back home just to clean up my maintain all the cleanliness in this actual..just to please my beloved mum :) everyday I cry when i think of my mum..even though she's not that well..but she keeps on pushing herself to do all the house works..since she's a "perfectionist" type of person, she can't bare to see her house in a mess even a little mess. However, sadly to say not even one of her children are like her type..all of us are the 'simple' type of people..not so 'rajin' like our mum. Sometimes i feel like want to go back everyday just to do all the housekeeping that my mum can have a only wish is to see my mum have a good rest and be healthy again. Mum..i'll always try my best to do all that I can to please u.if ever I did not please you.. i ask for your apology.. forgive me mum if i did not meet your expectations as a daughter..

"Thank you Mum for being such a good mother to us" - Wan-

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