Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When Allah tests you..

One day evening I went to the ATM to withdraw some money but unfortunately it was offline. So I headed straightly to MEPS ATM to withdraw the money. As usual I inserted my bank card and entered the exact amount to withdraw. I waited for a few minutes and all of a sudden the screen showed a mesage informing me that the system could not proceed with the transaction. I was upset and went to the back of the queue hoping for another try. Surprisingly when I checked my account balance, the amount of money which I wanted to withdraw a few minutes ago was already deducted. I was shock and confuse. To my thought, the machine wrongly displayed the balance.

Upon arriving at home, I straightly checked through online all the transactions which had been done for the day. To my surprise, it recorded the transactions which I had done that evening. It was true that my balance had been deducted. At first I felt so sad because the amount which I wanted to withdraw was a lot but not even a single note was received. Without noticing, the money was gone.

I washed myself and prayed to Allah. "Ya Allah ku redha andai ini ujian buat diriku..ku akui segala dosaku..ampunkanlah daku Ya Allah..tunjukkanlah daku andai ada kesalahan yang ku lakukan tanpa kusedari..hanya kepadaMu ku berserah.."

In my prayers my heart was telling me.."Did I miss out anyone who had ask for sedekah while I was walking along the anytime..did I not give any money to that person??" I couldn't remember..but I really ask for forgiveness to you oh Allah if this is the cause of the lost of my money.

Oh Allah, walaupun dirimu menguji diriku, ku redha dan ku bersyukur kerana Engkau mengambilnya dalam keadaan diriku tidak diapa2kan..Engkau masih memberi peluang untuk diriku..terima kasih ya Allah..ku bersyukur padaMu..

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yusnida said...

Tabahkan hati menghadapi setiap dugaan Allah.kadang2 Allah bkn kita yg membuat kesilapan tp Allah yg ingin menguji sedalam mana iman kita.Alhamdulillah berkat doa dan kesabaran wan dpt blk duit tu. moral of the story...jgn sedey lg tau...n yg plg pntg jgn pts asa dgn Allah...
"InnaAllaha ma'a sabirin-sesungguhnya Allah sentiasa bersama org2 yg sabar"