Friday, June 8, 2007

I'll miss you my dearest best friend

Final exam is just around the corner. Next Monday will be my last day of exam during my undergraduates studies. Even now, I'm starting to miss my dearest best friend, Yus. It was only one year I knew her but with Allah's blessing our friendship became so strong until each of us can feel the strong bond between both of us.
Since I knew her, she had always been there during the dullest moments and had shine up my life. In times when I was down and had no one to talk to, she was there for me.
She had always lend her shoulder for me to cry on. When problems fall upon me, she would always give me the courage and support I needed. She would never leave me alone to face all the problems by myself.
I truly appreciate all that you have done for me Yus. Thank you so much my dear friend. It was such a blessing to know you and have you as a best friend. Thank you again Yus. I'm so sorry if ever I offended you Yus. I'm so sorry if I was not a good best friend to you or I did not meet your expectation as a best friend which you had dreamed of. My only hope is that throughout our friendship, I managed to make you smile. I hope that you were happy to have me as your best friend. Be strong my dear, may Allah bless you forever. My prayers shall be with you where ever you are. Best friends forever. Miss you Yus :)

"A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway" -Wan-

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yushaida said...

Thank you so much Wan for this special post for me.Thank you for u too for being my true best friend ever after.I miss u too my dear.Every second u always be my side.U always support me nad never let me down.Whatever happen u'll be my best friend forever and ever.Forgive me if I made u sad. Apologize me if I made u feel worry.U really make my life happy, beutiful, wonderful etc..No exact word that I can decsribe how proud I am to have u as my best friend.Wherever I go, whatever I do I'll never forget u...I miss u already my dear best friend. Gudluck in your future and remember as u always said 'Utamakan pandangan Allah dalam segala yang dilakukan'..May Allah bless u forever...