Saturday, June 9, 2007

Tafsir Al-Quran

Tafsir Surah Yunus (ayat 26)
“Bagi orang-orang yang berbuat baik, ada pahala yang terbaik (syurga) dan tambahannya (keni’matan bertemu dengan Allah). Dan muka mereka tidak ditutupi debu hitam dan tidak pula kehinaan. Mereka itulah penghuni syurga, mereka kekal di dalamnya.”
(Surah Yunus: 26)

While reading the Quran, I came across this verse. This verse somehow gave this kind of ‘feeling’ which touched my heart. The literal meaning of the verse sounds quite simple but the actual meaning of this verse is really deep. In this verse, Allah guarantees to all human kind, those who do kindness on earth, believe in Him, follow all of his commands shall enter paradise. Some questions which I’ve been asking myself for such a while,

“How many of us (muslims) truly believe in Allah?”
“How many of us truly feel the existence of Allah?”
“Why is it some muslims confess that they believe in Allah but still dare to disobey His commands??

All of these questions have been playing in my mind for such a long time since in high school. Until now, I’ve reached a conclusion to all these questions that it is true that all muslims confess their believe in Allah but not all of them truly believe in Allah. What I’m trying to convey here is that if one purely and truly believe in Allah, really feels the existence of Allah wherever he or she goes, no one will even dare to disobey Allah with any intention at all. But what today’s scenario is showing to us is that muslims only believe in Allah when they’re praying or only in certain occasions. When it comes to wordly matters, they tend to put religion aside. They forget all of Allah’s commands and follow their desires without having any awareness or fear of Allah. Worst scenario, muslims only confess themselves as muslims but do not obey any of Allah’s command.

Fellow friends….this is why our ummah nowadays is lacking behind. It is because of our faith in Allah that is so weak, from day to day it is becoming weaker and hence some easily change their beliefs from believing in Allah to disbelieve in Allah. Fellow friends, let us pray to Allah may He guard our faith, may He not close our heart from seeing the light of truth and may we become ‘istiqamah’ in all of our acts in gaining Allah’s pleasure and spreading the truth to the world.

“Rabbana atina fi aldunia wa fi alakhirah wa qina ‘azab annar” -Wan-

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