Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Learn to speak in British accent!!

Today while everyone was enjoying their Taipusam holiday, me and my colleagues had to join a communication training which was to help all staffs to polish their English accent. The training was scheduled at 9.30am but eventually started at 10.15am due to awaiting of late comers. We were taught the rules of pronunciation in English which were the sounds in English that produces the music of English language. As for me, it wasn't something new because I've already been immersed with the British accent during my childhood. It was fun to see everyone trying their best to speak in British accent. I myself enjoyed the session because it somehow did polish back my British accent. Only one thing came to my mind. I was worried that I would be pronouncing Malay words in British accent again.. :P I still remember when I first came back to Malaysia, every Malay word that I learned, I will pronounce it using British accent. You can't imagine how funny the word sound :) I remembered during those days, all my friends would make a joke of my pronunciation which somehow made me feel embarrassed to speak in Malay. However, it took me two years to properly speak in Malay by not mingling the words with British accent.... Hopefully my children won't inherit my way of speaking Malay :)


maryam abdullah said...

saye bukanlah nak berkomen
saye nak mintak tolong dgn wan
saye baru ade blog nih, tapi saye tak reti nakconnect ngan other people..boleh ajar saye
time kaseh sangt
email saye
blog saye maryam abdullah
time kaseh

yusnida said...

its very great to learn about accent..but i think me myself need to practise more to reduce my accent..wan la ni yg bt yus ckp ada accent...terikut2 accent wan..huhu...