Thursday, January 1, 2009

31 Disember 2008 in Memory

Credit goes to Naz for her wonderful decoration..thanks naz ^_^

Birthday girl with all her presents & cake

The birthday banner

Yus & her beloved housemates..I call them the fantastic four..hohoho

All her presents.. (",)

Chicken pepproni pizza from Dominos...nyum..nyum

Before we left..everyone hugged the birthday sweet ^_^

Well I guess that was the last party closing 2008. Good buy 2008. I sure did had many sweet memories throughout the whole year..welcome 2009..looking forward for more exciting days waiting ahead.. ^_^


mylife said...

thanks for the pic.thanks for da party as well..really a happening closure for me ^__^

~~Noli said...

sy ske sy ske..lenkali wat la suprise lagi..sape next yg akn kne culik..

Afida Anuar said...

suker jugak...nnti buat surprise jangan lupe jmput lagi eh wan..erkkk..

wanz said...

Hehe..truly it was a wonderful best sgt kn ^_^

sy pun suke..sape next on the list ye??

K.Fida: kn surpeise party..lps ni nk ajak dtg umah wan plk :D

en_me said...

ammvoiii .. me pong nak hug one uoolsss.. volleee gittewww, ehehe