Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a wonderful weekend

It was the beginning of school holidays. My younger brother was so eager to go out and have fun somewhere far away from home. The only place which struck me was Taman Rekreasi Air Panas, Sungkai. After planning with yus, the next day we headed off to Sungkai. It was a bright sunny day, a perfect day to cool yourself in the fresh cold water. At first, I didn't want to wet myself despite of being the photographer, I didn't want to trouble myself changing clothes afterwards. But lastly, Fawwaz managed to persuade me to eventually dip into the water :)


yusnida said...

hehe..kenangan terindah bersama keluarga x pegi cm nk pegi lg xleh dh sb ntn wan dh kawen..sedih..sob..sob..sob..uiks emo la plak..

p/s mana gambor2 sume.adk yus dh tny ni bl nk bg kt dia..penat dh den duk bg alasan..huhu

wanz said...

yes truly it was one of our sweet memories...xpe insyaAllah lps ni kita pegi bwk anak msg2 plk..hehe

p/s - maaf yus wan lmbt bg gmbr tu.Nnti wan copy dlm thumbdrive n bg kt yus ye (",)