Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Opps..I took the wrong bag..

It was 2 years back..I came back from Qatar. Supposedly I should of arrived at 11am but because of flight delay, I arrived at KLIA 1 hour late. Upon arriving, I straightly headed towards luggage pickup area. There I had to wait another half an hour before I could pickup my luggage and I straight away went out through the gate and looked for my brother.

At home, I unpacked all my stuffs. To my surprised when I tried to open the last bag, it could not open. I looked carefully at the bag. There was a business class tag. Only then I realized that I had took the wrong bag. It was another person's bag right in front of me...someone from the Business Class. How could I not noticed?? The bag looked exactly like mine. It had a broken wheel on the left side same like mine. Anyone could of accidentally exchange his or her bag since both were really similar. I became panic..there in my bag which I had left at the airport contained a cheque worth RM3000 which I had to hand over to a person. My father's friend aked me to do the favour to give the cheque to his sister in Malaysia. I was terrified. What should I do if the cheque has been stolen? How could I pay back that amount of money? Only God knew how worried I was at that time..

Without wasting any time, I drove straight away back to KLIA. I rushed to see the person in charge of the luggage and told him what had happened.
"Excuse me Sir, I accidentally took back the wrong bag and left behind mine." "Oh..so this is the bag the man was looking for. He just left a few minutes ago. But its ok. Just leave it here and I'll call him to come and pick up his bag." "Erm..sir how can I look for my bag?" "Well let's try to see whether you're lucky enough to have your bag left behind without nobody taking it." I followed him to the room which kept leftover luggages and searched for my bag. Fortunately my bag was there. I was relieved. Thank goodness oh Allah for helping me.

I head back home and check to see whether the cheque was still there or not. Luckily it was still there. I smiled and I sat back wondering what was contained in that person's bag?? What if there was also a large amount of money left in his bag?? =)


yusnida said...

huhu wan..cmner leh tertukar bag tu??xnk kongsi ke?ni mst nk cpt blk umah ye...msti tension kn?dhla flight delay..pastu tgu nk amk luggage pnyela ml..tup2 blk umah tertukar beg plak...huhu...jdkan ia sebagai pengajaran..jgn gopoh dlm membuat sesuatu perkara..nila akibatnyer..hehe

wanz said...

hehe..thanks yus for your advise..since that incident i was very aware of checking my belongings..hopefully the incident shall never repeat..